selling my minerals rights for estate planing

Why Selling Your Mineral Rights Now is a Great Idea

Cashing In

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at least considering the possibility of selling your mineral rights. What you may not know is that if we’ve recently reached out to you, the value of your mineral rights is most likely at its highest level. Once drilling starts, valuations plummet. This means neighbors or owners of surrounding parcels can cash in when values are at their peak while others miss out and never see offers as high again. Call us today if you would like us to help you get the most from your property and protect what you have earned:  303.952.0034

Immediate Lump Sum Payment

If you’ve been contacted about selling your mineral rights there is a very good chance we’ll offer you more in the form of immediate cash payment than you will ever receive in a lifetime of royalty payments. The great news is that you have the option to sell as much as you like and lease the rest. We’ll work with you based on your goals to get you as much as possible.

Simplify Estate Planning

In almost all cases it’s easier, faster and more beneficial to leave your children and heirs cash rather than mineral rights. Splitting up parcels immediately diminishes their overall worth. Even more troubling, there is no guarantee of their future value. If your heirs aren’t as knowledgeable as you are about the oil & gas industry, leases, pooling applications, tax implications and probate laws, it may be overwhelming and overly burdensome to those you care about most.

Reduce your Risks, Diversify Assets & Increase your Liquidity

Volatility in the oil & gas industry can cause the value of your mineral rights to fluctuate dramatically. Holding on to mineral interests through a prime selling period can have drastic consequences. Once drilling starts on a property adjacent to yours, the value of your mineral interests takes an immediate hit, regardless of the success of those wells. If you would like to reduce your risk, increase liquidity and still take advantage of potential oil & gas development, a partial sale of your interests could be a great option. Call us to see how we can help:  303.952.0034


Interested in Selling Your Mineral Rights?